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LawyerProblems with social security or disability law? We can help.

If you've been injured or suffered a debilitating accident, you may qualify for compensation from social security. But social security law is complex and often the red tape involved in making an SSI disability claim can overly complicate the situation.

At the Law Offices of Mark Eckerson, we make the process of collecting social security a little easier for you. Mark is a social security attorney that specializes in social security legal services. If you've been injured and are looking to collect social security benefits, we can provide you with top-notch legal services and help you streamline the process.

When you choose Mark Eckerson as your social security lawyer, you are always assured:

  • We will handle all the necessary filings and paperwork
  • You will secure results faster
  • You won't pay until your claim is secured

The Law Offices of Mark Eckerson handles a wide array of social security legal service, including:

  • SSI claims
  • SSD claims
  • Retirement benefits
  • Spousal benefits

Regardless of the nature of your claim, with the Law Offices of Mark Eckerson's social security lawyers you are always assured complete privacy and confidentiality regarding your claim.

If you'd like to find out more about social security law or schedule a free consultation with Mark Eckerson, a social security lawyer, please call today!

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